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Jewels In Satin
Jewels In Satin
by Alison Johnson, view more artworks, artist's cv
32" x 24" (80 by 60cm.), oil on canvas

By expressing the power of light playing amongst the water drops, this artist shows the abstract, surreal side to the natural world. Her seascapes follow a deep tradition which Johnson modernises and adds her own feminine, decorative touch. Blues and yellows sink below a piercing white surface as oceans and landscapes drift in and out of a sweeping hazy mist. The sky appears deep and brooding, the colours revealing a darkness that battles with the flashes of light. When shapes and figures do reveal themselves they appear lost and fragile against the infinite space of the world around. Such is the atmosphere contained in these works they could easily be viewed as pure abstractions, each detail vital enough to stand alone. These are truly astonishing pictures that need to be viewed up close to be appreciated.

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