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Heading the wind
Heading the wind
by Corinna Button, view more artworks, artist's cv
11.8" x 9.2" (29.5 by 23cm.), Etching

Corinna Button is fascinated with 'people, drama and mystery'. As a painter and printmaker, specialising in Etching and Oil, her figurative work draws on an eclectic mix of references and inspirational sources. Through the act of creation, a layering of images and ideas, Corinna invents a unique set of narratives, characters and environments… "I bury and flood images with surface colour and texture, then dig them out again - excavating and scraping away, instinctively finding new inspiration in the underlying layer… I often experiment with the human form and / or place them in fantastical situations to further capture and exaggerate identity or to emphasise a particular something about the human condition." Corinna Button exhibits her work across England and the UK.

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