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BUY ART - Clutter 3
Clutter 3
Clutter 3
by Morten Jørgensen, view more artworks, artist's cv
12" x 20" (30 by 50cm.), Digital photograph

Most of Morten's photographs show landscapes, seascapes, buildings, bridges, and sometimes just people standing, and children in awe of the beauty of the sea against the land. The architectural photographs show Morten's attraction to the beauty of the modern against the strong Norwegian backdrop of sky or sea or mountain, whilst many of the pictures of buildings and details of architectural surfaces actually carry a sensation of icy threat. Morten has a passion for the colour blue, and this is reflected in several of his artworks. By utilizing different shades of light, he gives ordinary, solid structures a completely new appearance. Almost evangelic, with the combination of awe and fear, his works have a quality of stillness we rarely sense, or invite, into our lives.

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