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Reflection - St. Tropez
Reflection - St. Tropez
by Miroslav Stojkovic, view more artworks, artist's cv
16" x 12" (40 by 30cm.), Oil on stretched canvas

Multi-talented and widely collected across the whole of Europe, Miroslav Stojkovic is a very welcome addition to the artists shown here at LondonArt. His thickly painted landscapes capture the London skyline with a blend of creative emotion and pinpoint accuracy. As the light shines gloriously off each tiny detail, the entire piece comes alive on the canvass. Boats and buildings are skilfully reproduced and reflected in the ever swelling river Thames. The still life painting of flowers are captured with a blissful truthfulness as every petal hangs or shines, tempting the viewer to reach in a pick one. His portraits are of subjects charged with a surging energy as they stare back at their viewer with eyes that are challenging and seductive. Already highly respected across Europe, we are sure that Stojkovic will become one of the most popular artists on our website.

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