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BUY ART - When I see Jim suffering
When I see Jim suffering
When I see Jim suffering
by Kasia Turajczyk, view more artworks, artist's cv
24" x 28.8" (60 by 72cm.), acrylics on canvas, beetroot juice, seeds

There can be little doubting the spiritual influence in the artwork created by Kasia. She uses her passion for Buddhism and Taoism in order to infuse her work with an energy which should speak to the viewers directly. Her art is part reality, part dream and part allegory for a world sinking too heavily into capitalism and away from the philosophical. There is an uneasy edge to several of these works with children’s characters looking on with vacant eyes after they have become products for multinational corporation to seek profit. But these are not grim, downbeat pictures. They are infused with life, light and hope. Kasia says she paints in order to move her audience or to merely make them stop and think. At LondonArt we believe she has achieved this aim and are sure that our customers will find a moment to stand before these images and reflect on the world.

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