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BUY ART - sexipepsi
by XY ankamierzejewska, view more artworks, artist's cv
24" x 48" (60 by 120cm.), acrylic on canvas
£ 1260

A painting is deemed to be expressionistic if it distorts the image significantly in order to create an image that matches the one in the painter’s mind. This collection is of very beautiful expressionistic works that glow and growl with a potent energy and pop with a colourful explosion onto the canvass. See how her rendering of Andy Warhol moves with an intense energy, befitting its subject perfectly. The greens and reds collide emphatically, causing the forms to dance in front of the viewers’ eyes. Her series on the great painters shows the enthusiasm and personality of each artist, while also creating a fabulous series of individual works. In her hands, Pepsi cans come to life and interact in a most familiar manner, writhing and bonding with the most human of touches. She paints with such a wonderful style and individualistic touch, only the most cold-hearted viewer would fail to be moved. Check out the extensive list of her exhibitions in Poland and enjoy viewing this lively work.

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