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Leo Verhoeven

Verhoevens cityscapes are almost exclusively associated with the London borough of Southwark.
His paintings concentrate on the modernist architecture of the elephant and castle which lies within
one of the most impoverished areas of the borough.Through his use of colour and, definition
of line and form, he seeks to capture the mood of the architects original ideal, rather than reflect its
present circumstances. Verhoeven flat simplicity of form, repetition and lack of superfluous
ornamentation demonstrate the kind of order attainable in and appropriate to a utopian ideal
of architectural and social reform. His use of 'alien' and unnatural colours combined with
his sharp perspective accentuates the architectures 'otherworldliness' created by the buildings
visible dominance and austere appearance. It may well be that Verehoevens need to aspire
to the original ideals of the architects sense of perfection or social reform, is an expression
of resentment towards their dilapidated and vandalised predicament. Induced by the architectures
own failure to reach its high expectations. However Verhoevens aesthetic suggests a strong
sense of what is possible in the future and by the same ideal some notion of what life, the world
could be like by translating the past. Verhoeven most recent shows have been within the
London borough of Southwark.

Shows include:

Peckham views;
Peckham partnership commission;
Unicorn gallery, SW10
and the Southwark Arts festival, SE1.