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Anton Adamski

Antoni Adamski was born 1955 and raised in the countryside in the north-eastern part of Polen, near the town, Kruszwica. Adamski painted since he was very young and received his first training in colour schemes and paint techniques when he was nine.
In his youth Adamski painted in spite the lack of interest and support from his parents, who felt he was better secured with a more conventional education. It was therefore only natural for his parents to object when the young Antoni wanted study arts – he wanted to go to Art College and have a degree in arts. The parent’s objections resulted in Adamski having to leave home at the early age of 15, and once he finished school, he started at technical college, with a placement at the reputable crystal factory, Irena. Here Adamski was taught everything about colours, glassblowing, designing and ornamentation. The placement led to 6 years of employment at the Irena factory for Adamski as a designer and a glass artist.

But all this time he was drawn towards painting. At 21 Adamski had his first exhibition the cultural house of Kruszwica. Later he established his own business trading paintings and antics, and sold trough this many paintings of his own both in Poland and Italy.

The first many years Adamskis painting style was naturalistic – inspired by the great masterpieces. But after moving to Denmark in 2004, he was acquainted with many new work methods and developed his own style, with strong colours - and often with the woman as his favourite motif. Today Adamski solely concentrates on painting and has already sold around a 100 paintings in Denmark.