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Julian Heath

My earlier recollections of photography come from snapping everything, different angles of view, varied subject matter and reading photographic books. Up to this point I was, virtually, self taught.

From then on came photographic courses of varying levels of competence and finally a City & Guilds Photography course in the late 1970ís and a change to professional Nikon cameras. These courses brought about a greater knowledge of professionalism, design, art and technical ability.

Since then, Iíve learned to look at and experiment in all aspects of photography & imaging. With the advent of quality digital photography during this last decade and the ever improving Adobe Photoshop these factors have allowed me to make advancements in expertise and to experiment further with images.

Now, I try all aspects of photographic techniques, some work, some donít but without these experiments photography and art would remain static. Iím also interested in monochrome and colour combinations; colour contrasts and more recently HDR (high dynamic range) photography. I still like the purist natural state of photography but I also like to show some skills in the artistic and experimental side to photographic art. Iím still reading photographic books!

Julian Heath