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Sue Blandford

I am interested in poetic juxtapositions of objects, which are imbued with both their practical uses and their symbolic evocation. The magic in the seemingly mundane or everyday.
I am concerned with paradoxes of light and dark, peace and unease. Also relationships between man made objects or interventions in natural situations.
I never go anywhere without a camera looking for photographs in their own right but mainly for material for paintings. Objects in context or slightly out of place. Partly because the light conditions I am interested in are fleeting such as what happens in the golden 30 minutes in the evening when the light is low and transformative giving glimpses of something other. When objects glow out of dark spaces or as with glasshouses, become beacons filled with mystery and seemingly inner light.
My work is a visual diary of observations that chime with internal states or life phases. I look for beauty while attempting to depict the unease of befriending the challenging aspects of life. Whether on a recent adventure travelling as far north as it is possible to drive through the Yukon and the Arctic Circle, the Norfolk broads, the south coast or on my doorstep in my studio garden or allotment, i realise that my sensibilities to the world are my constant that anchor me in the effect of experiencing the world.

Art Education:
1991 BA (hons) in Sculpture - Norwich School of Art
1984 Diploma in General Art and Design - Yarmouth School of Art

2012 - 'Glasshouses & Daydreams, Viva, London
2012 - Lambeth Open
2012 - Annie McCall Open House Exhibition
2012 - Stockwell Studios Summer exhibition
2012 - Dulwich Festival
2011 - 'Winters Edge', Norwich
2011 - Brighton Arts Festival
2011 - Bromley Arts Centre, London
2010 - Bankside Gallery, London
2010 - Portrait exhibition, The Centre, Old Street London
2010 - South London Women Artists exhibition
2010 - Art at the Claremont, Brighton

1991 - Mural - Bright Horizons Child Care Scheme. 1995 - Garden Sculptures - private collection. 1997 - 'Raven Paintings' private collection. 1997 - Assistant on Metal Weaving Commission . 2000 - Gargoyle sculptures - Knebworth House. 2000 - Painted Card Collection - Victoria and Albert Museum

Residencies / Arts work: 2011 onwards - ceramic sculpture workshops, 2004 onwards - Arts project teacher, 2000 - 2003 Reviewer for London Arts Board, 1996 - Independent Artists in colleges network - Norwich School of Art. 1996 - Parlade Residency - Spain
2004 -Artist in Residence - Allen Edwards School London.