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Mamta B. Herland

Mamta Baruah Herland, Norwegian artist originally from Assam in India, studied visual arts in Sydney College of Arts, University of New South Wales, Australia, Graphic Design in Oslo and MA in Fine Art - painting from Winchester School of Arts, University of Southampton, UK.

Besides the experimentation and exploration of digital tools and techniques, placing into newer context, my work dissolve the illusion of true space creating images in a dimension neither true to perspective, nor graphically flat; instead, the images exist in a sort of dreamplace, where ephemeral figures appear as if born of air and imagination. These mystical images explore "the links between technology and emotion, reality and dreams, rationality and magic," and are digital composites which transcend the original work from which they were created. Manipulated skyscapes, images from nature, abstractions and portraiture are juxtaposed in these experimental works with a lyrical and surrealistic effect.

My earlier paintings and macro photographs were inspired by the diverse beauty of the nature and its natural colour, and expressed meditative quality. I work in a manner that has been described as lyrical, abstract, semi-abstracts with diversity in the use of colour and texture. It is also described as beautiful, sensual, poetic and enigmatic.

Mamta is member of The Association of Norwegian Painters (Landsforeningen Norske Malere, LNM), The Association of Norwegian Visual Artists (Norske Billedkunstnere, NBK), Visual Artists Organisation in Akershus and Oslo, (Billedkunstnerne i Oslo og Akershus, BOA) and Painters in Bærum (Bildende Kunstnere i Bærum, BkiB).

Selected Exhibitions:

2007 Lithuania, Klaipeda, Liquid room Video Art & Architecture event
2007 Norway, Sandvika, Mamta Gallery- Digital paintings
2006 Argentina, M.I.A.D. Venado Tuerto 2006
2006 Ecuador, C.A.U.S.E, Program Del Muchacho Trabajador del Central del Equador
2006 USA, New Mexico, Las Cruces, The Museum of Fine Art - Silicon Sands
2006 Russia, Novosibirsk State Art Museum – Temporary Identities
2006 Italy, Florence, Net gallery - Release!
2006 Norway, Bærum Kunstforening - Norway, young 100 years in colours and form

2005 Italy, Firenze - Biennale Internazionale Dell'Arte Contemporanea, Florence Biennale
2005 USA, Los Angeles/Pomona, Call to Arts!
2005 England, London, The Oxo Tower Wharf Gallery - The Art of Love 2005
2005 Norway, Kristiansand, Gallery 1897 - Communicating at (solo)
2005 Italy, Ferrara, Ferrara Museum of The Estense Castle - Emotion in Motion

2004 USA, New York, Lincoln Center, Cork Gallery - painting with pixels
2004 USA, New Jersey, Visual Arts League - International Digital Print Show
2004 England, London, Ardean Gallery Cork Street - The Art of Love 2004
2004 England, Winchester, Tower Arts Centre - between reality and dreams (solo)
2004 England, Guildford, Guildford Art Exhibition - Art at Work
2004 USA, New York, Agora Gallery - Pixel Perfect
2004 Spain, Barcelona, Galeriazero - Contemporary 2004/2005

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