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André  Moulin

Since January 1998 art has been my sole source of income. After working 12 years with transportation and sales, including 2 years in England, I finally quit the office life. It´s a dream come true.

I´ve been working with acrylic on canvas since 1989, and I continue daily to experiment with new colour combinations and shapes, new ways to depict art, new ways to learn about our perception of art.

Most of my paintings I regard as abstract expressionism. Even some of the more figurative paintings are still abstract in the sense of perception. The abstract shape will confuse the visual perception: as the eyes are looking for known figures and patterns, your imagination is activated and shapes are transformed into something resembling people, animals and figures. All this only exists in your mind, because our perception is individual, and somebody standing next to you is likely to imagine something quite different.

My latest works include collage using photos of famous images and everyday paper objects. Being mainly abstract in expression I love to take advantage of the "photographic naturalism", which I then break up and hide in the paint.

Since 2001 I have been working with a music band, performing live painting with film and mixed media projection at concerts. In 2002 I was awarded the Cultural Prize for my voluntary art work to the society especially the youth. Years of work with image exploration lead in 2002 to a job as film photographer and art director at the film "Last Exit", and I have since then been producing films for educational use.

I have been teaching art for years first children and since then adults. In addition I have a 4 hours seminars tailored for companies that explore the creative potential among employees, and which is used for various teambuilding purposes.

In 2005 I opened my own gallery in Central Copenhagen, which I also use for painting and art courses, and which will serve as a new platform for art events.