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David Blair


Born Wellington, New Zealand 1975

The roots of David's love for the arts were seeded some say long before he was even born, for his grandfather, David Silverwood, after whom he was so named, was a well known watercolour artist in his hometown of Ashburton, New Zealand.

Unfortunately he died before David himself was old enough to paint, but he grew up with stories of how his grandfather used to paint beside the fire, and was deeply inspired by the watercolour works his late grandfather left behind to testify his love of painting.

When he was old enough he picked up the same brushes and began to paint on the left over rolls of paper from his grandad, and on the old easels that had lain dormant for so long.

With inspiration all around him and his grandfathers spirit guiding him on, David began his self-taught artistic career unconsciously at first, painting watercolours of warbirds, sunsets and Antarctica.

As his skills developed he was called on more and more to do commission paintings, including rock band stage backdrops and custom vehicle paintwork.

For better artistic immersion David then moved to the Netherlands, where he found great inspiration in the depth of history and culture. Living where the great artists had lived, walking the same streets they walked, and gazing in awe at the amazingly textured skies over Holland as Rembrandt once did.

This is where David's career advanced quickly. He participated in group exhibitions, began painting childrens bedroom murals, external murals on swiss chalets , and was accepted by a fine art publisher in Holland.

David also began marketing his works internationally via the Internet leading to on-line sales that were shipped mainly to the USA.

David has recently returned to New Zealand, answering yearnings to be back home. He now resides in the same house his Grandfather lived and painted in, and is working on a series of works for South Island Aviation Museums.

"I feel the breath of life as the colours unfold into the work creating the objects and environments I am most passionate about."

David's paintings are a mix of acrylics and watercolour, while his airbrushing utilises industrial car paints in addition. He paints extensively on canvases and paper, and to a lesser extent on steel and wood for vehicle custom paint work. Sizes range from intricate to massive, and he has done commissions of all sorts.