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Christian Culver

"The contemporary Metropolis, I believe, is a series of fragmented 'instances' that, when rarely visualized as a whole, become a series of blurred locales referenced only by shape, color, and image. The transformation from a three dimensional environment into two dimensions, or from an 'architectural environment' into an 'art environment', becomes the 'in between' through which my art is generated. A Metropolis is a navigational landscape; a series of adventures for the engaged. My art, I hope, is the two dimensional journey of such a landscape. It is a completely unique journey for each individual - always taking on new meanings.


My interests in architecture, culture, and travel have over the years contributed and influenced my art. The process I use to create is initially 'sparked' by a certain color and how that color evolves into a certain personality. I then begin to allow other more spontaneous influences, such as architectural conditions, to intermingle. The final 'piece' is a result of a deliberate yet spontaneous composition that is rooted in both the past and present. It is, and remains, a fluid malleable visual map. .


My attempt is to engage the viewer on two levels, one on a large scale, and secondly on a small scale. The large scale investigates the relationships of colors, fields, and the viewers' sense of place. The small scale focuses upon very detailed fragmented, yet linked 'instances' or 'discoveries', that as a whole create a relationship; hence 'Coalescent Constructions.' My attempt is to blend the art of art and architecture." .


University of Florida August 1990 - May 1995.

Gainesville, Florida.

Bachelor of Design in Architecture, with minors in Environmental .

Technology and German.

State University of New York at Buffalo August 1996 - May 1998.

Buffalo, New York.

Master of Architecture.



1998 Carnegie Art Museum Buffalo, NewYork.

1998 Allentown Art Festival Buffalo, New York.

1999 Exhibition Raymond Lawerence Gallery Atlanta, Georgia (current) .


1997 'Creative Eyes' Buffalo, New York.

1999 'Bluemilk Magazine' Atlanta, Georgia.