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Ian Paradine


Ian Paradine born in London 1961 emigrated with his parents (Austrian mother, English father) and two younger sisters to Australia in the mid sixties. There he Studied Painting & Drawing at the The Preston Institute, Melbourne (1981-2) under two highly respected Australian painters: Peter Booth and Dale Hickey. In 1984 after a year of studio practice he was awarded a Travelling scholarship from the Australia Council to enable further artistic practice in Europe. Over the next decade as a practising artist he travelled the world living in India, Germany and England for extended periods. He speaks of this period as one of ”… intense self discovery, to find my place in the world I needed to move, to see. As a young person I was extremely restless and uncomfortable in my own skin, I needed to explore and experience, it took a long time to find the level of peace which I have today”. In 1997-8 he went to the Camberwell College of Art to complete his painting degree. He is now regularly exhibiting and his work is in ever increasing demand.

About the work:

It might be that there's not enough contemporary art that addresses itself to a sense of spirituality, and this is exactly what Ian Paradine's pictures are for. They are at once luminous and joyous, occasionally dark and mysterious and are driven by his fascination with colour, as well as his own very personal iconography.

Since 2001 he has lived and painted in Vienna, where he has developed a lyrical and emotional visual language rooted in the landscape of the mind and the imagination. His use of expressive free-flowing lines and skill in handling paint have enabled him to achieve an extraordinarily rich visual vocabluary.

His pictures come out of a search to find ways of expressing this quality of spiritual transcendence and freedom, and doing so in a way that makes sense in a society that isn't always quite in tune with these values.