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Christopher Morris-Piattoni

Self taught by trial and error, I have been taking photographs since I was 16 years old. I was first influenced by a relative of mine who was impressing upon me some excellent portraits he'd taken with his now rather

dated 35mm Pentax.

Since then and developing a fondness to travel (but that might have been down to the fact that I'm a Taurean), I managed to get myself on a trip to South America whilst at University. It was then after shooting a perfect reflection of some trees over the Essequibo River that I decided, one day, I would try and take up photography as a career.

I look for tranquility and serenity in my images because that is reflective of my own persona. Most of my inspiration comes from Peter Lik and a deep passion to capture the outside world in a way like no other person. This is my driving force - an eye for detail and an exhaustive manner - looking everywhere, all around me and always thinking about what and who I can capture.