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Talia Israeli

Talia Israeli -Born in Jerusalem 1976.Graduated in 2002 fron the Bezalel Academy of Art & Design (BFA with honours)Having spent a year in The Glasgow school of Art as part of an exchange programme.On graguating winning two awards: The achievment award from Bezalel FIne Art dep.and from the American Israel Cultural Foundation.After a year of working in Tel -aviv, moved to London to study at Goldsmiths College, UCL - Master in Fine Arts.The paintings confronts and absorbs the challenges that photography and digital imagery bring into visual reality and turns them into the conceptual and technical substructure of the painting.The paintings Talia is dealing with urban landscapes in order to raise social and psychological issues of contemporary existence.These paintings ae build from fractal, flat pattern units of colors which construct a space, using digital tools to creat a dialogue with different painting traditions, both old and modern.As the eye moves between whole landscapes and detailed area, the detail becomes its own hyper - realistic fictional landscape.This abstract paintings could be a memory, residue or picturesque manifestation of a modern language characterised by the assemblage of parts to produce a whole.last show: Robert Sandelson Gallery - march 2002, London.XS - FA projects - June 2004, London.