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Dubi Roman

Dubi Roman - Curriculum Vitae

Dubi Roman, Senior video editor & broadcasting technician at the Israel Educational Television 1983-2018.
Professional Nature-Art Photographer/Instructor since 1994.

Date of Birth: 27 September 1957


Elementary School, Rehovot, and Haifa.

“Instrumentation and Control” section at “Ort” High school, Qiriyat Byalik

Graduated as Technician in "Instrumentation and Control"

The University of Tel Aviv, Faculty of “cinema and television”

Professional Photography at the “New York Institute of Photography”

Video Editing courses at the Israel Educational Television.

Computer Graphics courses including Photoshop

Work - Television:

Off-line/On-line Video Editing for the Israel Educational Television.
2002- 2018
Broadcasting and video recording at the Israel Educational Television.
I was retired from the Israel Educational Television in 31.10.2018

Work - Art Photography:

The Jewish National Fund - 100th Anniversary.

Sonol Oil Company.
Leumi Bank - Art prints for decoration.
Art prints for Private collections

1996 - TODAY
Outdoor Photography Artist
Privet photography instructor for enthusiastic photographers.


“Impressions of a Journey – Impressions of Places” - two photographers’
Exhibition at the Israel Educational Television

“Silence of the Stone” – some ancient architecture in the old part of the
Circassian village, Kfar Kama.

“In Stills and Colors“- major photo exhibition to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the Jewish National Fund. Showed at the Jerusalem Theater, Jerusalem, at The Rappaport Auditorium, Mt. Carmel Haifa, and in Azrieli Center 49th floor, Round Tower, Tel Aviv.
During 2001, seven complete Copies of the exhibition were sent to the JNF offices around the world.

"The Color of Water"- The Tel Aviv Museum - Educational Group Exhibition

"The Art of love" - at the Arndean Gallery, Cork Street, London

"Urban jungle"- Fresco gallery - Tel Aviv

"In Memoriam"- Tribute to Master of Photography Rolf Rock
The Preventive Centre, Oncology Institute of St. Elizabeth, Heydukovaul, Bratislava, Slovakia.

"Captured Moments" - Group exhibition created by 79 top Israel artist photographers for the immediate release of the 3 Israeli kidnapped Soldiers, starting December 2006 at "The Edge" gallery, Naharia. The exhibition was presented in eight different locations including Haifa, Masada, The Knesset (Jerusalem) and finally ended at the Arab Jewish Museum in Jaffa.

"Eco Cinema Festival 2007" - Group exhibition during Israel's International Environmental Film Festival- May 21-24, 2007, Tel Aviv Cinemateque

"Natural Escapes" - Landscape Photo Group exhibition,
James Schot Gallery, Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Opening 30 November 2007

"We Found Water!" - Solo Photo Exhibition at Clore Garden of Science at the Weizmann Institute of Science - 12 October to January 2009

"Tel Aviv citizens now" - Shoham Gallery, Tel Aviv
Group photo Exhibition to celebrate a 100 Years of Tel Aviv.
09 March - 06 April 2009

"Home" – Apart. Art Gallery, Tel Aviv
100 Artists Exhibition for a 100 Years of Tel Aviv.
11 September – 12 October 2009.

"B-Sides" - 30 Artists Exhibition in Tzavta, Tel Aviv - for The First Tel Aviv Culture conference.
13-16 September 2009.

IEPA - Photography exhibition in Sado Island, Japan
The International Environment Photograph Exhibition
The Amusement Sado Central Cultural Hall
November 15th to 29th, 2009

"Inside Israel" – Shanghai, the Urban Planning Center A traveling photo Exhibition in China. 60 leading contemporary Israeli photographers on Israel's 60th anniversary.
8 December 2009

"TLVCT", group photography exhibition for Tel Aviv's 100's anniversary.
Amalia Arbel gallery, Tel Aviv, March 2010

IEPA - Photo exhibition of the world environment - "Photographers who love the earth", in Niigata, Japan.

Curation of the photo exhibition "There is only One Father..."
A group exhibition by "The New Fatherhood" movement.
Tel Aviv Dizengoff Center, May 2011.

Imagination 2012 - Israel Annual Art exhibition by Hapoalim Bank -
Israeli Aids Art Exhibition Fundraising Event

Imagination 2013 - Israel Annual Art exhibition by Hapoalim Bank -
Israeli Aids Art Exhibition Fundraising Event

Imagination 2014 - Israel Annual Art exhibition by Hapoalim Bank -
Israeli Aids Art Exhibition Fundraising Event.

From 2001, launching a personal web site for my Photo art Gallery.

Web Site Awards:

Profotos- 1st' Photography site - Profotos pro site

Artquest- Diamond Award - 4 Diamonds

PixiPort- 10/2002- Photo of the Month

BTDesign - The Best Artist of the Year - 2003 Edition as Best Photographer 2003

The Family of Man 2 Project by the Leica Users Group edited by Alastair Firkin,
2000-2005 - I had 5 winning photos from the final 500 images selected worldwide.

Artabus - Silver Award 2006

London Art - Artist of the Week award 2006