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Ruth Berenbaum

Ruth Berenbaum

Ruth Berenbaum specialises in designing and making in glass. She uses the technique of flameworking to hand-make beautiful, unique jewellery that feels sensational on the skin.

All the glass is borosilicate glass: a hard. colourless glass specially designed for the scientific industries.

The glass in this collection is mainly clear, some is frosted or coloured.

Argentium silver links have been used in some pieces.

Ruth learned to heat and manipulate glass using a torch at Aimer Products Ltd:
a London-based, scientific glassblowing company full of amazing, talented and generous people.

After two years as Artist-in-Residence at Middlesex University, Ruth set up her own flameworking studio.

Ruth also has set up a partnership, fyrbox, with designer Rebecca Disney.
fyrbox design and make bespoke lighting installations, using the same borosilicate glass as Ruth uses in her jewellery.

This partnership gives Ruth the opportunity to develop her techniques and ideas
on a larger scale.