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Abi Adeyemi

My artwork is organic - constantly evolving with flow of vibrant energy through colour and texture.

Every time I start on an abstract "acrylic", I often have no concept of what the painting itself would or should be. I deduce that one of my stronger attributes as an artist, is my creative ability to blend a diverse range of media using undertones of music and the turbulence of life experiences.

I feel a very strong "force" taking over during the act of creation. I am guided through my paintings like a journey. This interactive process between myself, my brush, the canvas and the paint is my responsibility as an artist.

The concept of my work is usually a infusion of moods and elements . My paintings are vivid, full of life and colour, because this is what I am. They are a reflection of my inner self, respect for the life I lead and treasure.

Titles are usually instantaneous and more often infer a correlation between the piece and a snapshot of life at that moment.

Each painting has a message, but surely there are more messages possible than mine, leaving it open to the contemplation of all.

My work is not prescriptive because I have my own influences and this can only serve to inspire me more. Free will is a prerequisite for my work.

My "acrylics" are in different sizes and are all extremely marketable depending on your taste and statement.

My "acrylics" - merely all abstract expressionist pieces - are "my statement",

they are "my will",

they are "me".


Abi's art has the mission to awaken art collection culture of the people.-
The Guardian.

Abi Adeyemi is a rare artist both by birth and by inclination.-
Daily Sun.

Although Abi's works are expressively abstract, their functions, nevertheless,remain soul lifting. -
Business Day .

Abi is not just an artist of great reckoning, but also one who has depth and novel style of painting. -Sunday Vanguard.


International Women's Heritage Exhibition: 29/03/06 Group exhibition of the best female
artists in the Borough of Croydon
& Bromley
Fairfield Hall, Croydon

Art connoisseur: 25/03/06 Charity Art Exhibition
Pettswood War Memorial

PK Promotions Exhibition: 17/02/06 Promoting Community Enterprise
Croydon Clock Towers

Pendulum Gallery, Lagos: Feb 2006 Dark Valley: 60x60x4cm
Manhattan: 30x100x3cm

Quintessence Gallery: Feb 2006 Ikoko Aiye: 60x60x3cm
Celastrus Capricorn: 100x100x3cm

Terra Kulture Gallery: Feb 2006 Untitled Framed: 40x 60cm
Tropical Rainforest: 30x100x3cm

BizComm Exhibition: 09/12/05 The Importance Of Marketing
Thornton Heath

Herne Hill Gallery: 01/05 - 06/05 Contagious, Entrapment

Vintage Lagos Nigeria Exhibition: 24/12/04 1st Private Viewing
Highly successful
exhibition 1st time in Lagos Nigeria The show had very good
reviews and made the national news.

Volvo Interior Show 2003 Olympia

Black Music, Records & African Crafts Fair IV: 2003 South London


* Contemporary Art Society
* Bayswater Road Arts Association
* Greenwich Arts & Crafts Market
* Portabello Market
* Member Of ACID - Anticopying in Design


I am an adventurous individual who enjoys socialising, travelling, movies, shopping and cycling. I also have a passion for art, music and fashion.