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Aimie Reeves

When I start a painting I usually have in mind a particular shape that I want to draw. A big dripping blobby shape, a twisting rising shape, something tapering or travelling across the canvas. The rest of the painting evolves from this start. Lines creep up and down the backs of shapes. Areas become fetishised and indulged in, like the hair and feet, and excessive repetition creates patterns which have a logic in the painting. Friends are introduced. Shapes drip and curve into one another in erotic encounters and impish unidentified flying objects hover cheekily, acting as decoys to the composition. There is a rapport between the characters in these paintings as they hang out together.
These paintings are majestic and inspired as well as a bit kitsch. They aspire to entertain and baffle the viewer over their identity and to amuse by the frivolity of the funny bits. The colours are all very 'up' and joyous, like clown colours or eye-catching things at fairgrounds. Game show hosts and canned laughter with promises of elation. Sometimes when I look at them they seem over-inflated and sad. I like this paradox, as often ambition turns to false bravado and pathos. A bit like being caught between Heaven and Hell and not sure whether to laugh or cry.
1993-1994 MA Fine Art, Chealsea College of At and Design, London
1990-1993 BA Painting, Chealsea College of At and Design, London
Group Exhibitions:
2000 "Amber" Laure Genillard Gallery, London, UK
2000 Paelo Gallery, Turin, Italy
1999 Cubbit Gallery, London, UK
1997 Connaught Brown Gallery, London, UK
1996 Royal Overseas League, London, UK
1994 Swiss Bank Centre, London, UK
1994 Business Design Centre, London, UK
1994 Gasworks Gallery, London, UK
1994 Alternative Arts, London, UK
1993 Atrium Gallery, London, UK
1993 Isis Gallery, London, UK
1993 London Institute Gallery, London, UK
1992 Blaffer Gallery, Houston, Texas, USA
1992 "Scratchi and Scratchi", London, UK
Solo Exhibitions:
2000 "Mirage" Habitat, London, UK
1999 Royal Overseas League, London, UK