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David  Palazon

Spanish artist David Palazón can subtly show the ridiculous as well as the sublime in the most everyday situations. Added to this, he has a mission to bring art into people´s lives, not just in a gallery setting as he has done before, but out into the world. David´s projects are always thought-provoking yet light-hearted at the same time. An artist with a commitment to revealing the truth and the beauty of ordinary lives.

David left his native Barcelona over a decade ago, and although he continues to travel, he has made London his base, where he works in a large variety of projects and media. Among others, he has shown his work at the Royal College of Art, 291 Gallery and Kingly Court Gallery in Carnaby Street. He is currently working with film exploring the possibilities of experimental narrative; having had his first premiere at the Prince Charles cinema for an award winning documentary, his latest film work was shown at the Aichi World Expo (Japan) in September 05.

use your head is a collection of portraits from individuals in Ghana. Along a short film, they were exhibited at the House Gallery in South London during July 2004.

After working voluntarily for a charity in Ghana for 2 consecutive summers, he put together this collection titled use your head. With this collection, David aims to fundrise £10,000 to go back to Ghana in spring 2006 with the intention to shot a documentary. He is currently dealing with Channel 4 and an independent European distributor to secure its distribution and broadcasting. The documentary will explore, through a narrative of discovery, the personal life of those individuals portrayed by David previously. While acknowledging the importance of these subjects in a photograph, David mentioned: 'I see, feel, hence I noticed, observe and think about the error of photographs becoming nothing more than objects in a private collection'. Portraits are luxury items rarely afforded by the average citizen in Ghana. During his time in the country, David became aware about the importance and therapeutic value of photographs, deciding to go back bringing the ultimate photograph to those portrayed. Portraits are memories of status, hence a motionless self-reflection of identity for a life time.

David will like to thank all those art buyers who are about or have already purchased his photographic work, not only for their charitable contribution towards the production of this independent documentary, but also for their interest in the beauty of ordinary lives.