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Rudolf Kosow

“Rudolf Kosow is a German artist. He was born in Karaganda, Kazakhstan, in 1972, but the last twenty eight years he lives and works in Stuttgart and in Laichingen, Germany.

Most of Rudolf's paintings are figurative painting and still lifes, made with oil on canvas.
His unique ability to use light and play with shadows contributes to creating a strong sense of special atmosphere in each picture, and forcing the viewer to look at a specific place of composition. With his works, Rudolf tries to create a sense of calm, harmony and peace within the viewer. His natural talent and skill allow us to clear our minds everyday of household rubbish every day, and we are called upon to connect fantasy in order to interpret each of his works in his own way”.

Rudolf's statement:

"For most of my pictures, three components are important: human, landscape and other creatures/ animals. I am particularly interested in the composition of these components within a painting to the goal of creating a special atmosphere and situation. I like the things that are unlikely or even impossible in real life. At the same time, I try to paint things as realistically and as close as possible to enhance the real impression. Humans and animals meet in a very strange and surrealistic way the middle of nowhere - a coincidence? Are they friends or enemies, do they have a common goal? It is a dangerous meeting: sometimes dangerous for the person, sometimes for the animal. That is a strange relationship between human and animal-what does this scene mean and what happens as next? Such questions asks the observer and tries to put thoughts into the picture to become an integral part of the painting.

"In another part of my paintings, there is another important element: light, in the form of a strong, attractive, perhaps dangerous source of light. Since ancient times, man longs for the heat that creates a fire, of course, this heat is also associated with light: thus, a strong light source for us humans has a very attractive and magical effect. Man and animal are on their way to search for this light, it is a longing that should never end. But what, if you have found this light - is that really what you have always been looking for? And what is the meaning of life when you have reached your goal and satisfied your longing?"