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Paul Angel

I studied for an HND at Bournemouth, guided by my tutor, now friend, Tony Maestri. I stopped taking photographs while midway through the course when the use of gelatine emulsions clashed with my personal philosophies. I completed the HND, gaining a Distinction by taking other peoples photos.

After 10 years of appropriating discarded photographs from skips, house clearances and the bottoms of wardrobes, I'm now using digital cameras to work with landscape.

Generally, I photograph the edge of urban landscape as wilderness. All the sites I choose are alongside housing estates and shopping complexes, industrial zones and major trunk roads, small pieces of wild that border the mundane. I'm trying to find the beauty and the poetry that's alongside us all the time if we just glance to one side and try not to look too hard.

The photographs here are of expressions of love alongside their context. The authors of those expressions are teenagers in love, on the verge of adulthood and dissapointment. Having said that, I am an adult in love. Some days, even after years of loving one woman, I feel like a teenager, weak and vulnerable. Next time I take my children to the park, perhaps I'll take a marker pen too.