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Bianca Berends

Curriculum Vitae

Nationality: Dutch
Marital status: Married

2000 Erasmus University Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Master of History and Arts, with
honours, 1994 – 2000.
1994 Academy of Fine Arts Maastricht, The Netherlands. BA Fine Art Painting and degree in
teaching 1989 - 1994.

Group Exhibitions
2004 / 2005 Gallery Vlasblom, Arnhem The Netherlands
2005 Royal West of England Academy, Bristol, Great-Britain
2005 Aberdeen Art Gallery, Aberdeen, Great-Britain
2004 Royal Albert Memorial Museum, Exeter, Great-Britain
2004 National Portrait Gallery, Londen, Great-Britain
2004 Grael Art Gallery, Prinsengracht 175, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
2004 Gallery Walls, Prinsengracht 737, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
2004 Gallery ’t Stokpaardje, Oudkarspel, The Netherlands
2003 Open studios, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
2003 Art fair, Maastricht, The Netherlands
2003 Art supermarket, Rosso Artwork, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
2003 Gallery Walls, Prinsengracht 737 Amsterdam, The Netherlands
2002 Department of Justice, ‘s-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands
2002 Art Center Het Voorbeeld, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
2002 Open studios, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
1996 Gallery Multifit, Paramaribo, Surinam
1995 Inspection of Education, Utrecht, The Netherlands
1994 Inspection of Education, Breda, The Netherlands

Commissions / sales
Jun 2004 Portrait commission, Family de Rijk, The Netherlands
Feb 2004 Portrait commission, Boskoop, The Netherlands
Dec 2003 Hartsema Pensions consultants, Boskoop, The Netherlands
June 2003 Portrait commission, J. van den Broek, The Netherlands
Aug 2003 Portrait commission, Family Veenstra, The Netherlands
May 2003 Center for Fine Arts Drenthe, The Netherlands
April 2003 Art Supermarket, Rosso Artwork, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Jan 2003 Gallery Walls, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Dec 2002 Portrait commission, Family de Jong, The Netherlands
June 2002 Portrait commission, Family Brok, The Netherlands
Sept 2002 Department of Justice, The Netherlands (on loan)
July 2002 APPM Management Consultants, Zoetermeer, The Netherlands

Participant in the BP Portrait Award, National Portrait Gallery, London, GB.
Nominee National thesis award Holland 2001, honourable mention.

Professional Affiliations
Federation of Art associations The Netherlands
Association of Fine Art Artists Holland

Teaching experience
Courses acrylic, watercolor and oil painting, Art Center Boskoop, The Netherlands (2003 – 2004)
Courses painting techniques, Art Center, Amsterdam, The Netherlands (2001 – 2003)
Private tutoring, Amsterdam, The Netherlands (2000 – 2001)
Course watercolor techniques, Art Center Boskoop, The Netherlands (1994)

Related professional experience
Conducting painting sessions and workshops for companies. Among my clients are Daimler Chrysler Germany and Ahold The Netherlands.

Work description
All the various themes in my work revolve around the central theme ‘Joy of life’. Through life observation and photography new series emerge. A free, strong painting stroke and solid and expressive shapes characterize my paintings. The clear en bright colours in my work are connected with the central theme, but are also influenced by my various travels through Asia and both South and Central America.