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Paul  Ryan

Paul Ryan exhibits some of the sketchbooks that he has produced over the last eighteen years. He has produced large reworked drawings on tissue paper using these sketches as a framework and two sitespecific works based on the buildings surrounding The Economist. The small sketchbooks contain drawings, notes, watercolours, scribbles.. . sometimes these may be figurative representations of people and places, at other times abstract doodles. diagrams and maps. Selected pages have been re-examined on a large scale revealing the subconscious and/or accidental information they contain. The structure of a line observed with the physical eye, or the mind's eye, can be re-evaluated and interpreted revealing the thoughts involved. The amount of information 'encoded' into these small marks is often surprising. The end results of these enquiries are large-scale 'drawings' which at first appear spontaneous, but on closer inspection reveal a 'process' layered on top of the image. As starting points the sketchbooks lead to the other large works. In contrast the site-specific sketches onto the windows of The Economist building drew upon architectural and figurative elements from around the site, creating a relationship between the inside and outside. Ryan lives and works in London, has exhibited both in the UK and abroad, most recently at Gallery 3,14 Norway and at the MK Ciurlionis State Museum of Art, Lithuania. The forthcoming exhibition of sketchbooks at the Royal Overseas League opens 29 March to 31 May 2001. His works-on-paper are included in the collections of the British Museum, the Victoria & Albert Museum and The Royal Mint.

Solo Shows:
2000 "Codex", Contemporary Arts Society Projcts - Economist Building, St.James's, London - Scetchbooks and Large Drawings
1999 "Plastikk", Gallery 3,14 Bergen, Norway - Polyester ("Mylar") - Drawings
1998 "Blow Up", MK Ciurlionis State Museum of Art, Kaunas, Lithuania - Polyester Drawings
1997/98 Hardanger County Museum, Norway - Scetchbooks
Christopher Hull Gallery, London, UK - Paintings and Drawings
1997 University of Bergen, Norway - Scetchbooks
MK Ciurlionis State Museum of Art, Kaunas, Lithuania, Scetchbooks
1996/97 Horda Museum, ergen, Norway - Scetchbooks
1996/93/91 Broughton House Gallery, Cambridge, UK - Paintings and Drawings
1995 Royal Over-Seas League, London, UK - travel Scholarship Exhibition (Australia)
1994 Gruzelier Contemporary Art, London, UK - Paintings and Drawings
1992 The City Gallery Leicester, UK - Paintings and Drawings
1990 Red Herring Gallery, Brighton, UK - Paintings and Drawings

Selected Group Shows:
2000 Percy Miller Gallery, on consignment, London
British Museum, Size Immaterial, London
1999 Milch, Asylum, London
NYLON, on consignment, London
1997/1998 Danielle Arnaud, London
1996/1994 Royal Over-Seas League, London
1994/1995 Art Forum, Fleet Street & Old Broad Street, London
1993 Sotheby's, London
1992/1991 Royal Academy Summer Show, London
1992 England & Co, London
1991 Bonham's London
Peterborough Museum & Art Gallery
Hunting/Observer, London, W Yorkshire, Paris
Christie's, London
Art for Equality, ICA Galleries, London
1990/1989 Mercury Gallery, London
1989 Cyril Gerber, Glasgow

Exhibition Grants:
London Arts Board - R&D Projects 2000
London Arts Board - Go! 2000
Foundation 314 Norway - Norway 97 & 98 & 99
London Arts Board - London collaborations 1995/96
Brian Ward Truct Fund - Leicester UK 1992

Bergens Tidende, Britt SORENEN, (Norway 12/9/99)
Kauno Diena, Zilvine PETRAUSKAITE, (Lithuania 8/3/97 & 15/1/98)
Fanaposten, Hans D FASMER, (Norway 14/1/97)
Bergens Tidende, Kjartan Brugger BJANESOY, (Norway 10/1/97)
Arts Reveiw, Larry BERRYMAN, (UK 9/91)

British Museum
Victoria & Albert Museum
Royal Mint
Private Collections
Trade Apartment, London