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Sharon Haward

The images which appear in my paintings are based on real things glimpsed, viewed, experienced, sought after or researched; these found forms imprint themselves, in colour and form in my mind and after a period gestation an independent organic form evolves.

Each painting contains a core, which initially represents something based within the realm of natural history, that is to say geology, fossils, biology,astronomy and archaeology. These images form a starting point from which a discourse between the original and a new image develops until a form is found that is somehow 'right' and representative of my original impetus.


1979-1983 University of Newcastle upon Tyne B.A. Hons Fine Art (2.1)
1984-1985 Brighton Polytechnic PGCE (Art & Design)

Hastings College of Arts and Technology (Drawing and painting class based on the figure head. (p/t) Open Learning art history 'A' Level course (p/t))

Same Sky Arts Company (community based arts projects Eg. Lantern Tree 2. (p/t))

1985-1988 Hazlewick Secondary School (taught Art and Design to all ages)
1988-1991 Northbrook College of Art and Design (taught on a range of BTEC and ran First Diploma)
1994- now Hastings College of Arts & Technology (Teach on a range of courses)

1983 Stamfordham Gallery
1983 Tyne Tees Northern Open
1984 Newcastle Playhouse
1984 Southampton Art Gallery
1985 Brighton Polytechnic
1985 Brighton Museum and Art Gallery
1988 Brighthelm Centre
1988 Goldsmiths College
1991 Horsham Arts Centre
1998 Brighton Museum and Art Gallery
1999 Artsway
1999 St. Mary-in-the-Castle
2000 Conquest Hospital Hastings

British Rail - 1988 mural at Blackfriars Station