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Kim Davison

Born in 1971, Suffolk and graduated from Leeds university in Fine Art, where
later studied for a masters in Gender Studies. First exposure has been
successful at Londons Olympia Exhibition 2002 where work has since been
included in a few small private collections.

I produce from my studio - an ever evolving body of work where my passion so
far has been involved in the figurative genre. A diverse physical and
psychic entity in constant communication with itself - evokes emotion,
tastes, truths, pleasures and damage. I capture one moment; a glimpse of a
moment transcribed visually, connecting with what it might mean - loaded -
to live a life.

The body is a recurring theme, an experiment that can investigate gender,
that can be part of a possibility to change - a precursive movement to
understand body habitation. To be able to decode metaphor, if consciousness
is opened up in a physical, pathological and psychological sense reality is
paradoxical.There something primal echoes, where we are all the same. We
have different experiences. What constitutes naturalness? The body is
striking . Its chemical reactions.

Notions, self, dictations, choreography, language, love, love sick,
trans-body, transformed, dualities, double axis, taste, desire, passion,
pleasure, damage - history.. .. sub-cultures...

I paint for my own record. In this space I learn my own time, and recognise
things that happen, love and understand people I've met along the way. And
because I don't want to stop.

I also work on commissioned pieces for clients internationally and have
participated in collaborative exhibitions.

The following is part of some thoughts that go along with some work:


You see
concious eyes
liquid heart
eternal whispers (genderless)
stretched - through black
sudden blue
paradox (slammed)
emphatic (?)
my matrixial gaze
my nemesis
memory allows
ancient excitement
stirred (resonance)
and you
think (you have)
melting walls
from the inside
....... juice.

Kim Davison Feb 2005