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Claudia Wiegand

Original Greek mosaics and Renaissance art and architecture excited a passion in Claudia Wiegand during her many teenage visits to Greece, France and Italy.

Claudia feels that everyone needs art in their life to inspire them. She says " I loved early 20th century art and my first favourite style was Art Nouveau." Her personal art and form inspiration came first from Viennese painter Gustav Klimt and Belgian architect Victor Horta. Painters, whose works are rich in symbolism, geometric shapes and signs, like Delauney, Malevich, Mondrian, Klee and Miro made a major impact on her later creative journey.

Claudia admits, "Klimt and Klee probably have had the biggest influence in my development of mosaic art. Klimt's sumptuous mosaic like patterns in paintings like "The Kiss" and Klee's free geometric shapes, rhythm and dynamism of colours."

She strongly believes the medium of mosaic has a compelling visual resonance for the beholder. "Mosaic, as an art form, existed before painting. We submit to its power because of our innate response to texture and light."

Combining ancient and modern, Claudia has reinvented mosaic for the 21st Century. Her innovative techniques create a pure and simple medium to fascinate and inspire the observer.

Claudia Wiegand's Freedom Collection is her first series of Limited Edition designs, created using specially imported Italian tesserae. Chosen for their iridescent properties, the tiles are bonded onto toughened glass panels, to create new concept, 3-dimensional abstracts that capture light, colour and radiance.

Born in Brussels 1965, Claudia has German and French family roots. During her formative educational years she concentrated on modern languages, Latin, Greek and the study of civilisations.

The influence of art was also very strong at that time, she says, " I did a lot of painting and ink drawing, mostly abstract organic patterns." She also enjoyed bookbinding, pottery and making hand crafted jewellery.

In 1987 Claudia graduated from the Free University of Brussels where she studied Germanic literature, philology, linguistics, philosophy and art history. Following a post-graduate course, at the same university, in 1988 Claudia joined the Centre for European Policy Studies in Brussels as a membership co-ordination and marketing assistant. She was encouraged to follow a commercial career and worked for AT&T Communications in their Brussels and London offices during 1990 to 1997. Here she met Mark, who she married in 1995 and their daughter Laura was born in 1996.

Claudia left AT&T in 1997 and briefly lived in Amsterdam before she, Mark and Laura moved to Worcester in 98.

Encouraged by Mark to return to her passion for art, she took a 1-year-course in interior design and decorative techniques at Worcester College and attended arts workshops in silver smithing, stained glass, silk painting, paint effects and mosaic. In 1999 she became a professional mosaic artist and a member of BAMM, the British Association for Modern Mosaic. She is currently studying for a degree in interior design with Rhodec International.

Continuing with her quest to make art for all, Claudia also designs and paints bespoke silk screens. Her passion and energy are reflected in the colours and textures of her work.

Claudia recognises, “Art is an emotional connection between the giver and the receiver and everyone, somewhere deep inside, has the gift of creativity. Every medium offers infinite ways to develop and explore the creative process”.

She is currently living in England and she, Mark and Laura frequently travel to Brussels to see her family.