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Katy Reed

Born in New York in 1982

Moved to London in 1996

Studied Photography at Yale University from 2000-2004

Now living in London

For the past few years I have reconstructed scenes from my memories. When I started the project I was at Yale University in America, homesick for England. In order to be closer to the people and places I missed, I made dolls of myself and my friends, and constructed sets of places including bars and night-clubs, a pier in Suffolk, rooms from my house, and a park. I used materials from my dorm room to make the models, such as cloth, cardboard, paper and wire, and lit them with lamps and torches.

I am interested in the way handcrafting each item from memory manipulates my re-constructions. The pictures are full of distortions; my actual memories of events and places are inaccurate, and because my method for making objects is not precise, the objects and their relationships to one another are inexact. I go back and forth between wanting the scenes to become convincing depictions of reality and wanting the flaws to be obvious. The pictures do not create any kind of real world, and the one they do create is overwhelmingly coloured by my concerns and decisions.

I am also interested in the way narrative enters into the pictures. My first instinct in reconstructing a place is to present a memory clearly and obviously in a picture. After I create the set I want to photograph I also become interested in taking pictures in which the narrative is less obvious; I want the picture to be more of a fragment than a whole idea, and the viewer to have to draw conclusions about its content.