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Abi Oguntokun

Abi Oguntokun

Abiís art is inspired from all that is around us. Her art is influenced by her natural environment but she also finds beauty in the built environment. Abi aims to create fun, movement, style and harmony in her work.

Abi has lived in 3 different countries and her art is influenced by her lived environment. She is passionate about all forms art. Abi's journey and influence began with tie and dye and batik as a medium of expressing her art. She is interested in textile art, she designed and printed some scarves from her designs. Abi has now turned her creativity into canvas art and art prints for the home and office. She has also recently added greeting cards to her collection. "It has been a journey and my work still has elements of my previous influences. I however want to provide something for everyone and art that is affordable so I have introduced greeting cards to my collection."

Abi's work is unique. Her canvas is large, bold, vivid and alive. She uses texture and representative forms to evoke 3 dimensional effect and movement. Her work is abstract and she combines techniques and art tools harmoniously. Her work combines lino prints, spray paint, watercolour, pencils, charcoal, crayons and acrylic. "l feel I need to see what works best, but I am also curious as to what effect can be achieved with the different art tools. Art for me is experimental, however creative, it has infinite possibilities of expression".

"My ultimate aim with each presentation is to create art that is aesthetically pleasing which would evoke intrigue harmony and style.Ē