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Anthony Jucker

Currently residing in rural Berkshire, Anthony has a passion for portraiture.

A professional graphic artist at the age of 16 (one of the youngest in the UK at the time), he began his career as an artist in a busy advertising agency, designing and illustrating work for a vast range of clients from Hewlett Packard to Volvo and Panasonic.

Now in his 40s, he has continued to paint and draw with a heavy emphasis on human faces ever since, he has a strong style and is dedicated to achieving a total realism in his work. He believes that portraiture has a profound effect on the viewer, particularly when the portrait is of a familiar face. He feels that this recognition is the key to all portraiture, and strives to achieve it in all his work.

"I love that initial spark of recognition in the viewer" he says. "There is a moment when they are translating that image into emotion, and that's what my work is all about. It can evoke totally different emotions from one person to the next, so I never quite know how each piece will be received, but my aim is always to astonish whilst always keeping each painting attractive."