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Maya Britan


Birth Place: Tel-aviv, Israel.
Birth Date: April 17, 1956
Media: Oil paintings, acrylics, plaster, clay statues and computer art.
Working Skills: Computer graphics, production movie designer, fashion design, metaphysical developer of Ancient Tarot original visual meaning.

Practical self education started in the age of 14 in an artistic community in Israel among several professional painters, where first exposed to many art styles that had determined the later versatility of her own original style.
Published material: The “I Am ONE” Tarot Deck. Published by Saint-Art Copy Rights 2002 ISBN# 0-943832-33-0
“Old Love Charms & Spells” A book Published by: International Imports 1999 ISBN#0-943832-26-8
ARTIST STATMENT FOR: THE SELF A'DDRESS SERIES (6 images submitted 6/11/05)
Relocating oneself from within memorable flows of colors and light...