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Carole A. Keegan

Carole is a self-taught artist who has always found herself surrounded by creative people. After some early years of study and travel she settled down in London and enjoyed her first career working for a creative-minded businessman in a colourful industry that employed many artists and designers. She then moved on to an administrative career in higher education at a London University where she enjoys interaction with students and academics, and still finds herself cheek by jowl with many visually-creative and inspirational people.

With an especial interest in the environment, in man's relationship to nature and his responsibilities therein, the subjects of her paintings are often rooted within or touch upon the world of animals and plants. Always a country-girl at heart she eventually succumbed to the call of the countryside and left city life to move back to a rural Kentish home some years ago. As well as producing oils she works in the medium of pen and ink, in black and white line drawings and cartoons, utilising themes inspired by literature, folklore and mythology.

Carole has undertaken several private commissions during her part-time career as a painter and one of her oil paintings is appearing as the inspiration for a dress on the website of a niche fashion company. She was also invited to showcase her work on the website of another company which connects art directly to interior designers and architects.