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Grae Storm

I left secondary school in the Yorkshire Dales at 16, with 2 art O levels and a cluster of other O's. I headed straight for London and got an apprenticeship as a lithographic printer. I spent the early years reproducing postcards and posters of other peoples artwork by day, and by night painting in my rented room in Perivale.It was the mid eighties and I had teamed up with a number of underground Acid House impressarios and designed flyers and backdrops for them. It was quiet exciting and highly illegal and the thrill lasted a while. Gradually my musical taste changed as did my circle of friends and I drifted towards Charing Cross Road. It was now the late eighties and I had set myself up as an airbrush artist customising leather jackets for Heavy Rock bands. I travelled to Finland and Holland to meet bands and it was one long Jack Daniels sozzled fiesta of tatooed wannabe's and groupies galore (sadly as I couldnt play a single note on a guitar I didnt get a look in!)Hair metal faded as did my lust for naked ladies and exploding skulls in my art and I decided to reinvent myself as a wildlife artist. It must be the Yorkshireman in me that led me down this path. The last decade has seen me become a father, a husband, a director and most of all an artist content with his work....for a while.
I enjoy the silent study of nature, I look at hills and human hands with a new reverence. These things inspire me to create near perfect replicas of the imagary or allow me to take my art far into the surreal worlds.
If you would like to hear more of the tale of a Yorkshireman let loose in London contact me throught his site and "a'll tell yer nother y'an"