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I create my projects taking into consideration many points of view. I believe that creativity springs from everywhere. Most of the time, I feel like I really want to catch an instant - a fleeting picture of something that is still happening. At times, it can be difficult to frame a sequence; contain a set of actions; materialize a part of our inner world. A funny world, which is for us, not so simple to understand and to control. Control, control… That is the key word. The fear of not to be...
Why shouldn't we get rid of this desire to be in control all the time and see if we can still make it. See if we can overcome our inner fears, continue to carry on unfettered through life and still come out happily
My work aims to blend abstract and recognizable forms, to mix different colours and to stimulate and confuse the viewer. I hope that my work is a challenge to the perceptions of the viewer, subconsciously encouraging them to think slightly more deeply than usual…


fab3 lives in his own colorful abstract dimension.
Inspired by the works of Kandinsky, Dali, Mark Rothko and Jackson Pollock, fab3 uses his canvas a means to provide a visible equivalent of images lodged in the subconscious. Mixing themes of inner desires and emotional effects, fab3 tells a story through multi-dimensional and vibrant color and form.

fab3 provides a fresh artistic outlook of this era. His dynamic style is coupled with his use of multiple mediums, including digitally - composed work, photography, performance video and installation. fab3's eclectic expressions and ability to capture these in various mediums have rendered him an innovative and sought -after contemporary artist.

fab3 has traveled throughout Europe, the United States and South America. Originally from Italy, He has lived in the UK and France and currently resides in Paris.


To Come...

Feb 2006 A New Challenge, Paintings. Rei Lounge Bar, Bergamo, Italy.

On Going...

2005-2006 Barcelona Here I Am, Paintings. Art Works Gallery, Barcelona, Spain.

2005-2006 Art in the House - L'Art Dans La Maison, Paintings. The Drahi's Loft, Paris, France.

Already Happened

2005 Intensamente Project, Paintings. Pescarzo Natural Beauty, Brescia, Italy.

2005 Making Progress, Paintings. The Drahi's Loft, Paris, France.

2004 Lovely English Countryside, Installation. Victoria Park Open Space, Bristol, Uk.

2004 Intensamente Project, Paintings. Pescarzo Natural Beauty, Brescia, Italy.

2004 How to Enjoy Those Boring Evenings In, Installation. Hotel Mercedes, Paris, France.

2004 Changing Scenes, Paintings. The Montparnasse Little Place, Paris, France.

2003 New Movements, Paintings. The Smoky Gallery, Madrid, Spain.

2003 Moving Forward, Paintings. The British Embassy, Rome, Italy.

2002 Those Red Abstract Thoughts, Paintings. The Biscuit, Madrid, Spain.

2001 More Colours Are Coming, Paintings. The Box Gallery, Bristol, Uk.

2000 Getting Wasted, Installation. The Queen Square Open Space Gallery, Bristol, Uk.

2000 Getting Happy, Installation. The Down Town Gallery, Bristol, Uk.

2000 Blue Lines, Paintings. Double Meaning Gallery, Bristol, Uk.

1999 I Love Beacon, Installation. The Ikea Store, Bristol, Uk.

1998 Going West, Paintings. The Drew's Gallery, Bristol, Uk.

1998 The New Era, Second Step. Paintings. Old Dover Place Gallery, Canterbury, UK.

1998 A New World, Paintings. The Greek Gallery, Canterbury, Uk.

1997 The New Era. Paintings. Cafe' Blue, Canterbury, UK.

1997 Still Lost but Less Confused, Installation. The White Room, Leicester, Uk.

1997 Lost and Confused, Installation. The White Room, Leicester, Uk.

1997 Explosions of Colours. El Cafe' Del Sol, Santiago del Chile, Chile.

1996 In Natural Paintings. St.Maria Church, Breno, Brescia, Italy.

1996 Digitally Making My Way, Digital Prints. The Freeman Loft, Leicester, Uk.

1995 Post Natural Paintings. St.Maria Church, Breno, Brescia, Italy.

1995 Just For Your Eyes, Paintings. CDC Burgundi, Pavia, Italy.

1994 Natural Paintings. St.Maria Church, Breno, Brescia, Italy.

1993 Abstracts, Paintings. UNI Internet Café,Pavia, Italy.

1992 First Attempt, Paintings. Chez Moi Gallery,Pavia, Italy.

1991 Bring the Colours Out. Paintings. The Art Cafe', Brescia, Italy.

1990 Going Out. Drawings. Virtual Cafe', Brescia, Italy.