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Colin Chan

I draw my inspiration from the busy city environment. I have a love/hate relationship with London and it is this conflictive passion that inspires me to paint. And I feel it is this internal opposition that lends to a more realistic and balanced interpretration and depiction of city life.

In combining the freedom and fluidity of abstract oil painting with the precision and discipline of intricately cut stencils I find that I can express two opposite sides of my personality, whilst also interpreting the complex environment in which I live onto canvas.

By studying graphic design, photography, typography and calligraphy, I have found that it is often the shape, form, composition and structure that determines the ‘colour’ of my work. The weight and balance of a piece is of paramount importance to me.

No matter how abstract my work appears to be, ultimately it is designed with a deliberate intent to give an insight into city life, a snapshot in time.