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Wacek Jagielski

I was born on the 20th of August in 1965. I live in Nowy Sacz in Poland. I graduated from The Fine Art Conservation College. I am the founder and member of the Polish Pastel Painter Society. I an the author of the several individual exhibitions in the country and abroad. Moreover I took part in many exhibitions in Poland and abroad. Most significant of these were: National Biennale of Pastels - Nowy Sacz (the special reward from Jury), Lyon - France, Modern Art. Fair, Paris 1998 - France, Athens - Greece. I got some other rewards in art contests organized in country. I am also participant of the outdoor exhibitions of the Polish Pastel Painters Society and the member of the Association of Polish Plastics Artists.


In painting, similarly to my life, I look for the light, colour and optimism. I consider the life too short to delay that search. In the dullness, sometimes really refined undoubtedly and in the shaded recesses of life I look for the hue which means the real joy to me. If I accept and even like the greyness, this is the one that originates from the specific penetration and the subtle dialogue of the local colours situated in their close neighbourhood. Such greynesses improve and very often enable us to have a better and more clear view on a contrasting spot of the hue and make it more appreciated in that way. It is very often impregnated or even bathed in the light emphasizing the importance of the given scene, fragment or situation. The same phenomenon I relate to my life. Sometimes the sadness, pain, trouble or even a drop of bitterness are needed to make me notice the miracle, happiness, joy or all the rest kindnesses that the God gives me through the nature, people and all the beauty I can create. Tenebrous life, based on black, sadness, egoism and destruction is strange and indifferent to me. Light, warmth and the presence of them in my paintings, eyes, heart and spirit make my life beautiful and worth of respect, reverence and love. I mean here not only my life but the whole existence in general. I paint my pictures with respect to all the people I live with and everything that surrounds me. And let it be till the end of my artistic work and my life.