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Rebecca Hong

I started painting as a child who filled the white walls of the hospital that I grew up in with images, lines and colors of my imagination, sometimes in escape from the harsh reality of a world filled with sickness and suffering, and at other times inspired by the reflection of healing, hope and birth.

Graduating from Taipei’s Chinese Cultural University of Fine Arts, I have lived in New York City, Hong Kong,Paris and now Shanghai as a full time painter.

Infurenced by my father (a doctor dedicated to healing) and my mother ( a passionate musician), I paint from the white hospital walls in Taiwan to the canvas today. Throughout life, I've been painting my surroundings; The drama of daily existence provided a primal stream of references of my art work. Having spent most of my adult life living in Cities of the East and West, I continue to observe and explore the human experence though out my encounters and the world I live in.

My recent work explores the inner spirit and the memory through uncovered human form in timeless space where symbols of my child’s universe unfold, and via glimpses of fully clothed moments to which each viewer brings their own intimate script

Each Canvas for me is a journey, a new adventure to an unknown destination, where technique is only valued by the sincerity of emotions expressed.

Main exhibitions

2007 : Art en Capitale, Salon des Artistes Français (Paris – France)
2007 : Art en promonade, Molineuf ( Blois-France)
2006 : Art en Capitale, Salon des Artistes Français (Paris – France)
2006 : Art en promonade, Molineuf (Blois – France)
2006 : 3ème Biennale du Salon de Printemps (Paris - France)
2006 : Artist’s Showplace (Dallas - USA)
2005 : Solo Show. La Menuiserie (Paris - France)