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Yannis Xenidis

I was born in Greece, in Thessaloniki, in 1974. In 1998 after attending
for four years the department of Photography-School of Graphic and Art
Studies in Athens and without getting a degree I joined the Greek Navy.
During my studies I participated in several photographic exhibitions,
I got a first prize for a series of portraits,had my personal exhibition
but never really tried to be a part of some kind of "artists's society".

I always interested in fashion and fashion's magazines and that's because
I realized that fashion photography could really be art. So in October of
2001 I was in London with my fiancee and started to looking for a job in
fashion photography. Things wasn't as I was expecting and actually I
never got my dream job.

After two years of several tries and hundrends of CV's and without my
fiancee next to me anymore I returned to Greece where I should make a
brand new start. I was really lucky though because I got a job in a
fashion's photography studio where I am still working with as a graphic
designer and occasionally as a photographer for fashion catalogues and
print ads.

Influenced by all these ( advertising, fashion, media, personal
experiences and views ) I use words in my images and try to make every
work look like an ad where the message tries not to sell a product but
express an idea, a feeling, a personal view in things that take place all
around us, everyday in everyway for everyone. Using words in my images is
a way to write a kind of a book where every page and the words in it have
been replaced by an image and one and only personal, kind of unique
message-truth. The book has just been started and there are still many
pages waiting to be " written ".

In the "caution: too much love will hurt you" series of seven works is
the confusion between love and sex and the need sometimes not to take
things so seriously: having just sex with someone it's natural. God will
understand. Loving someone without having sex though can be a problem

Many of my works have a sense of humor in the written words and that's
another way to pass my message making a joke in a pleasant way. I don't
believe it's necessary to "produce" a river of tears to make someone feel
the seriousness of a fact. Humor actually can makes you cry easier and
occasionally it happens...

My " ads" are about life and experiences, believes and facts, trues and
lies, feelings and the lack of these. The easiest thing is to speak to
people. The hardest though is to make them understand, feel, admit and
get on with these.

I could say I am a postman and my works are the letters waiting to be
received and reveal their message to every single one who has the will
and ability to recognise a bit more about life and his or her part in it.
And that's what art is all about, isn't it?