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Steve Lincoln Hubber

Steve Lincoln Hubber is a sculptor, painter, a photographer and published poet who trained with some of the finest technicians, foundries and artists in his field. He sold his artwork throughout London and throughout the UK. Recently selling large scale sculpture and painting to Manhatten, Toronto and Hong Kong. His clientele include reputable collectors, interior designers, businesses and art lovers alike. As well as running his own studio, Steve worked part time with sculptor Deirdre Hubbard FRBS in her London studio; who in turn worked with Dame Elizabeth Frink. Recently Steve became an awardee from the Arts Council England. He also was involved in producing sculpture for the Queen Mary Cruise Ship.

His sculptural instinct is sensuous in line, but keeps true to Nature to balance a form, however abstract.
"When observing abstract or figurative work, we must believe the thing to be thinking as everything in Nature does..."
The free-form sculpture beautifully observe Nature's vitality pressing against the space that surrounds them. He creates and relieves tension with the speed of the curves, using light and shadow as his pallet. "I try to envisage our planet as a spherical lichen, my sculpture and painting are fractal particles of this mass and so must observe the laws of creation, or put in a less BS way; every plain must create the next so to communicate with the viewer."

His canvases are peaceful, highly textured meditations. They present a form onto which colour is applied, combining materials such as: oils, sand, plaster, natural pigment or corrosive materials such as iron-rust. "I consider my canvas work to be sculpture/painting, the colour and texture can be optimised with lighting. Coupling their surface form with a delicate choice of colour to evoke atmosphere, I wish to give the work presence as a slab of colour performing visual music of matter in flux. Be it of earth, mineral, liquid, air or thought."
He is currently studying the science of the drapery folds for a series of 'flying silk' sculptures.

"Change = Constant + Between"