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David Newman

I work principally in wood or stone and occasionally steel. My work evolves from an interplay of components: material, perhaps the history of the material, mind, emotion and sometimes environment. This process becomes a unique journey toward the establishment of a form which is shaped and embodies some truth from these components as they meet in time.

Stone was laid down millions of years ago. There is a wisdom in its grain that I try to tease out. I often use reclaimed stone and the residue of its more recent history will exercise its influence on the piece, as will my total experience buried in mind and emotions. Contemporary pre-occupations frequently have the final say.

Wood has a different, living wisdom and may have a recent history too: an off-cut, a part of a structure.

I sometimes escape from the properties of a block of stone. I like to reverse its 'strength in mass'quality. Replacing chisels with a cutter allows one to produce finer results. The material then becomes an extraordinary metaphor for the logevity but vulnerability of life.