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Wendy Puerto

My first Brush with the Art World was when I was aged 2; I drew all over my Ballerina Wallpaper, which did not impress my Father at all!
I won my first Art Competition aged 5 at the Local Cinema. I was always encouraged to be creative by my Grandmother, who gave me my first set of Oils since then Art has played a big part of my life.
I had to put it on hold during the years of bringing up my family, there was just no time or money to spare, but now I am back painting with a vengeance!
I Paint in a loose impressionist style, Sunsets Seascapes and beautiful Skies being a passion of mine. I think it is the Colour movement and light that fascinates and inspires me.
I usually mood paint as an expression of the Heart Soul and Mind, I find I can bring warmth and sincerity to my work in this way.
I find copying from another image so restrictive, and lacking in passion. I much prefer to build a picture in my mind and then express it on Canvas. This shows in the finished Piece, you can not only see the image you can feel it too.
Skies are a great subject to Paint as the constant movement and Light change are so fascinating for the viewer.
I Paint mostly in Acrylic as it dries much quicker than Oil, but still do the odd one if asked, or I have the time, and I have done several Pastel Portraits recently.