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darran SLATER

Born 1965, in Salford, Manchester. During my younger years art was never really a big part of my life. I was far more musical rather than arty, a passion I still have to this day.

Playing guitar is a way of expression for me. The art of music.

The lamp is a new venture for me and one I stumbled on accidentally when given a old guitar by a long time friend. knowing that the guitar had history ( I know he had gigged with it for many years) It seemed such a shame to just disregard it. So I didn't! And set about giving a new lease of life.

This is now what I do. I recycle/up cycle electric guitars turning them into art. It's a labour of love and allows me to continue learn about the instrument I love.

Each guitar is an individual and is treated as one with me. No two lamps I make will ever be the same. I think that's only right. They will retain their own unique personality and style.

I hope you enjoy my work and I thank you for looking