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Magda Pelc

Magda Pelec is primarily a Landscape and Interior Designer living and working in Rzeszow, South East Poland.

After successfully completing her academic training, a BA and MA in Engineering, Magda's strong interest in organic structure, pattern, and form led her to go into partnership with a local Architect. Collectively they began to design and build innovative and contemporary spaces, from public and domestic architecture, their gardens, parks and public green space, right through to designing the heart of an interior space. Their holistic approach to design has received tremendous recognition and acclaim across Poland.

Initially Pelec began to use photography as a way of expanding and exploring an idea. Her photographs of plants and flowers became a great way to illustrate her inspirational source and often helped to develop an idea with her clients. As her technical prowess increased so did her fascination for the subject. Very soon her need to simply document form and structure, as a means to an end, was quickly overtaken by a genuine desire to create a beautiful image. This shift in motivation enabled her to see her images as works of art and encouraged her to begin searching for a way of showing and presenting them. Hanging them within the spaces she designed, she began to use them framed, printed on canvas and enlarged as wallpaper.

The congenial and amiable quality to all of Magda Pelec's work enables her to adapt the image to suit a specific space. Available in a variety of sizes, they can be ordered as a photographic print, framed behind a thick 3cm deep sheet of Perspex or ordered as a role of wallpaper up to 150cm long. For further information on sizes and relating prices please contact us.