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Matt Faulkner

Matt Faulkner was born in London in 1977 and after school qualified as a Financial Adviser. However, in 2001 he jumped the corporate ship to follow his dreams and opened his first recording studio in London's famous 'TinPan Alley'. The studio hosted a wealth of artists including Adam Ant and rock band Million Dead.

In 2002, Matt relocated from London to South Wales and for the first time could see a horizon unencumbered by high rise buildings and grey skies. This inspired Matt to pick up the brush for the first time in 10 years and he produced a series of contemporary and semi-abstract acrylic paintings based on horizons, which Mike Dalton-editor of 'finishinglast' magazine - described as 'Mysterious and haunting landscapes'.

The influence of the Surreal & Abstract permeate his paintings and Matt is developing his own style of painting using bold blended colours and unique canvasses. He is largely self taught and is dedicated advocate of the DIY punk ethic. Art & music have always played a HUGE part in Matts life and he finds that the two creative outlets compliment eachother as a cathartic release and as a lifestyle away from the rat-race.

Ultimately, Matt wants to generate a sense of freedom through his paintings, artwork and music- something that he has struggled to achieve and values above nearly anything else.

When Matt isn't making a mess with paints, he is usually making a noise in the studio.