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Dominique Biasiori

Dominique Biasiori had started to express her artistic visions in photography domicreativecouk and in last few years she extended her creativity onto the field of paintings. In the latter the artist, undersigning the arts by the name of Dominique Biasiori, uses the oil paints, and for supports mostly canvas, although remaining open to any new material and form. In those artistic experiments, she used already the panels which appeared to be a wonderful co-material for the supports of her paintings.
The paintings of the artist are focused on creating the emotional visions of the space and time, allocating an individual in the core of her artistic reflections. The visual language of presenting the various states of mind, feelings, human thoughts and experiences is aimed at illustrating the questions of existence.
Beauty, sensivity and unusual power of the paintings are remarkable features of her work.
Each painting in its originality and charm does not allow the viewer to be ever forgotten.