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Joe Cousin

There are no limits, all is possible. I enjoy working at or near the edge between the figurative and the abstract. Not always a comfortable place to work in, it does sometimes provide the stimulus to create another space just off the well- trodden and recognisable. Having said that, most of what I do can be classified as impressionism, a limited palette providing the challenge for colour harmony.

I now live and work in Normandy. An emigré from Cornwall, I enjoy being at the centre of the conflict between the French and British attitudes on what is 'good' art. I take art classes in both languages, where the expectations of the students can be very different ... and interestingly so. I recently retired as a tutor with St. Austell and Truro Colleges in Cornwall.

With landscapes and seascapes, I try to work en plein air as much as possible. I now work mainly in oils. For a change, pastels and watercolour provide the necessary diversion to the rigour of teaching and painting for a living.