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Tommy Candler

Tommy Candler spent fifteen years working on magazines as fashion editor, designer, layout artist and visualiser in charge of photography for covers, fashion, patterns and beauty.
Tommy originally studied Art at Regent St Polytechnic 'The Poly' & 'The Central' School of Arts & Crafts. She returned to Regent St Polytechnic nearly twenty years later to study photography.
For the last fifteen years she has worked as a full time freelance photographer from her studio in London, now also in Kent. She covers all subjects for all countries.
Her abiding passions are travel and colour. Her pictures express her bright breezy personality and with the advent of digital printing - new, vibrant -and everlasting - inks, although she has had many exhibitions with conventional prints, she now feels that her pictures are being shown in their true colours …BRIGHT - BOLD and she hopes .. Beautiful!
These photographs have been taken over many years and some of them due to inevitable development could not be taken now. Miami South Beach is a prime example, now crammed with pavement… tables - trees and people, her Colony and Waldorf hotel pictures, with their clean Art Deco lines, were taken 10 years ago at their initial restoration … this would not be possible today.
She lives and works in Vauxhall in London and also in Kent where she has her studio, but they are both hopping off ground for her travels and subsequent exhibitions.