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Freshie Freshie

Born in London 1960, educated - survived it, engineer, bike mechanic, formed Punk/Goth band Alien Sex Fiend 1981 - 1985, as drummer and songwriter with a smattering of keyboards (made records, went on tour worldwide, Japan was weird, the USA was.... BIG. Met some lovely young ladies and some very groovy people along the way). Check out the myspace site (johnniehaha) to see some wicked pics) Became a student for 3 years, graphic designer for the last 20 years, artist for the last 6 months to supplement my income and maintain an expensive habit - a wife, 2 teenaged kids, a dog and a mortgage. Have travelled all over the world as a musician and a tourist. I draw my inspiration from still continuing to exist. I love digital art, it throws up unexpected forms and patterns. I love the sea and hope to live by it some day. For every good piece of art I create, I reject a dozen. I also use any objects I find to create work in the mixed media vein. I can't do all that artistspeak nonsense about exploring my inner core to extract the passion that lies dormant within my psyche. I just do what excites me, more by accident than design sometimes. The beauty of my art is that I can produce it in any format, in any colour combination and any size within reason. Consequently, if you see a subject you like, but it's not the right colour or shape, I have the technology to alter the artwork to your taste. I can also undertake commissions on any subject you like. So, if you can't carry on living without one of my works above your coal-effect fireplace, then let londonart know, buy one and help make a old drummer very happy. Ta ta.